Plexus Annual Report

About This Project

We were commissioned to work with Plexus Cotton on their annual report for this year. Their brief for the creative aspects of the report were to create a book that was reflective of their respected position within their sector and to create graphic and illustrative elements that conveyed their operations.


We began this process by interviewing the internal team at Plexus Cotton on how their business had grown and developed during the year. Taking these interviews as a basis, we then worked with them to develop a house copy style that was confident and experienced. From this a engaging narrative was created, taking the reader through the company’s operations and some of it’s plans for the future. We then created some high impact visual elements and illustrations in order to support this narrative. 


The final printed reports were a successful combination of a final report and marketing asset, containing both a strong narrative for the company’s operations and ethos and fulfilling this dual role by containing the organisation’s financial information.